Thumbs Up!© Biometric TimeKeeper


What is Thumbs Up! Biometric Timekeeper©?

Thumbs Up! Biometrics Timekeeper© is a complete schedule-based timekeeping software integrated with fingerprint technology to secure staff attendance logs hence computing accurate and approved amount of hours worked. This software solution is one of the best methods in securing productivity in workplace thereby increasing efficiency and profit in the organization.

Additionally, Thumbs Up© also supports all timekeeping policy conditions with strict no schedule no entry policy and prior approval for overtime. Furthermore, it can generate all kinds of attendance reports without the tedious verification and computation process.

Thumbs Up! Biometric Timekeeper© Features

Automatically computes working hours/overtime/undertime and tardiness●Supports fixed/flexi-time and advanced scheduling●Allows on call and job order schedule options●Option to monitor scheduled breaks●Monitors absences/leaves/travel orders and pass slips●Strictly validates approved overtime●No Schedule No Entry policy●Adaptive to all timekeeping policies●Daily log reports●Generates Form 48(government form)●Email dispatch of tardiness report●Precision optics for instantaneous user identification●Real time update of employee attendance status●Caters small to large organizations’ timekeeping and reporting needs