MixZure Costing Software


What is MixZure Costing Software?

MixZure Costing Software is a fully-automated software for costing computations such as in production and manufacturing, baking, restaurant recipes (menu costing), and even personal meal plannings.

Designed to streamline baking production and operation, it allows you to calculate production cost, suggested retail price, total raw cost versus total cost per piece and mark up percentage. Most particularly the baking business, it is especially featured with Baker’s percentage for precision and accurate conversion. Entirely developed with helpful modules such as encoding metric units, recipes and ingredients, MixZure is very intuitive, easy to use and assistive in cost decision making.


MixZure Features

Easy platform for encoding ingredients and recipes●Allows formulation by baker’s percentage or baker’s math●Enabled with metric units and conversion●Display of raw cost, production and selling price●Generates recipe and cost report●Ideal for pre-mixed products