Pinnacle Inventory System



What is Pinnacle Inventory System?

Pinnacle  Inventory is an inventory monitoring software for tracking stock levels, sales, purchase orders and deliveries  including transfers from one display area to another or warehouse for efficient and accurate inventory management. This seamless software lets you see the real-time inventory status by location or category and even stock levels in the display area and sales when integrated with ParaDime Point of Sale.

Complete with purchase ordering and stock transferring modules, it makes it easy for product identification and tracking to prevent pilferage for absolute control in both display and warehouse areas.

Pinnacle Features

Real- time inventory status●Product tracking and identification●Ability to view or filter inventory by location or category or supplier●Stock level and sales●Order management●Purchase order●Inventory reports●Supplier/ Vendor details●Price setting overview●Multiple storage and display locations●Sends E-mail for Low Stock level and other important information●Invoicing and Statement of Account●Verification Controls●Biometrics integration for security